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Integrating corporate finance functions

Need enterprise accounting services without hiring full time staff? 

We're here to help. 

DNA Corporate LLC provides boutique financial management services for medium to large enterprises.

We can assist with a wide range of services

Our specialty is effectively integrating corporate finance functions.

Controllership functions
Planning and forecasting
Cash management
SOX Controls
Close Processes
Project management
Foreign Currency Transactions

We serve corporate clients as well as busy startups.

Our typical clients have requirements beyond the scope of a self-managed enterprise or basic accounting services, yet aren't ready to appoint a full-time, permanent staff member to that role.

Maybe you're a start-up with experiencing exponential growth. You're so busy generating and managing the core business activity you don't have time to upgrade systems, and the current ones are beginning to show their deficiencies.

We'll help you take the next step.

Accounting a mess?

Perhaps you once had functional systems in place but other matters forced you to take your eye off the ball. Now there’s a bit of a mess to tidy up and possibly a redesign.

You need high-level finance management but lack the in-house expertise and are not yet ready to hire, or you do wish to employ dedicated staff but want systems in place before you do.

We can sort the mess for you.

Have complicated books?

We also have expertise in managing cross-border currency issues such as currency exchange and regulation compliance. Typically banks charge high fees for such services and small businesses may find it difficult to establish cost-effective systems.

Get in touch if you'd like to discuss your company's needs. 

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